There’s No Bad Or Good Terrorists: Envoy To Pakistan


New Delhi: India again exhorted Pakistan on Friday to stop distinguishing between good and bad terrorists saying that Islamabad needed to act against extremists irrespective of who they were targeting.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Karachi Lit Fest, Indian envoy to Pakistan Gautam Bambawale said India wished Pakistan well in its nation-building process and that it wanted to see a prosperous and moderate Pakistan which is at peace with itself and its neighbours.
“We wish to see a Pak which acts against all terrorists irrespective of whom their hatred is targeted against,” said Bambawale.

“India wishes to see a Pakistan which abjures violence and takes strong preventive action against terrorists and extremists,” he added. Bambawale said as this year’s festival commemorates the 70th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence “perhaps some introspection may not be out of place”. He said he was that several writers and authors from India have been invited to the festival.