There Is No Place For Laxman In TMC, Clearly States Mamata


Egra: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee harshly criticised Midnapore’s Laxman Seth while addressing the rally at East Midnapore’s Egra. She also clearly stated that in future there will be no place for him in the TMC party.

She also said that the person whose hands have blood, will never be forgiven by the people of West Bengal. Mamata said,”The people of Bengal has not forgotten Nandigram and Singur. Those harmads are now writing their names in BJP. Can you understand I am speaking about whom. Who is Ram’s brother?” The people answered ‘Laxman.’

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Then Mamata asked, which party is he in? The people answered- BJP. Then the CM said that he is trying to come back to TMC but she said that TMC will not accept him back.