Theft At South City Complex, Maid Arrested


Kolkata: A maid was arrested on Sunday for doing a theft took place at a flat in south Kolkata’s South City complex.

An old woman used to live alone in the flat, taking the advantage of which, the maid stole 70 thousand rupees cash and two gold earrings. The maid Shila Mahat was arrested on Sunday.

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Sobha Banerjee, the old woman, lived in flat 5-H-A in the complex’s 2nd tower. The theft took place on November 9. It was reported in the Jadavpur police station and she was supicious of her maid.

Based on the complaint, the police started an investigation and started looking for the accused. SHila was interrogated at Kalighat’s Gobinda Bose Lane. According to the police, she confessed to her crime during interrogation. Rs 25,600 cash was found out of Rs 70,000 and the gold jewellery was found. Shila Mahat was arrested.