The world celebrated ozone day


New Delhi: 30 years ago in May 1985, the first ozone hole was discovered over Antartica. This massive hole in the Ozone layer triggered panic leading to the Vienna convention and the Montreal protocol. Since 1994 16th September has been celebrated as world ozone day. This day is also known as the International day for the preservation of the Ozone layer. The slogan for this year “Ozone: All that is there between you and UV.”

Stratospheric ozone is being constantly destroyed by some manufactured chemicals containing chlorine and bromine. These chemicals are called Ozone depleting substance (ODS). The main ODS include Hydrofluorocarbons , Halons, Methyl Choloroform and Carbon tetrachloride. Ozone plays a vital role to protect life from ultra-violate ray. Effects of the ozone layer depletion by human activities on planet could be disastrous. The ozone layer can be saved only when we reduce the use of Carbon.

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