‘The Strike Is Flop Like BJP’


Kolkata: Soon after the announcement of BJP’s 12 hour strike, Trinamool Congress government geared up to foil the strike and well equipped with to turn it unsuccessful. Extra buses are on service on Wednesday. Attendances are full in most of the offices. So TMC secretary-general Partha Chatterjee said that “The strike of BJP as flop as they are.”

Chatterjee was in Netaji indoir Sadium to join the Science Fair on Wednesday. Talking to the media, he said that, “BJP failed to collapse Bengal. People have rejected their call for strike. Now people want development not strike.” The percentage in offices were higher than the normal. It was 95% at Nabanna, New Mahakaran 94%,95% at Bikash Bhawan and 96% at Mahakaran.

The effect of Bandh was visible in several districts of West Bengal. Bus has been vandalised and fired in Islampur. TMC -BJP agitation noyiced in Shayambazar. Partha

Chatterjee talking on these issues, said that, “BJP is there for creating problem, imbalance the law and order situation.They are there to interrupt people.”

Partha Chatterjee said that transportation minister will charge compensation for vandalising public belongings.Legal action will be taken against them.”

Speaking on Bandh, Partha Chatterjee said that, “BJP do not know how to protest. Only good schooling can not make you a good student. They have ‘no base’. TMC held against rally in Dharmatala in leadership with Sobhondeb Chatterjee. Madan mitra held a meeting in Hazra.