The Most Terrifying Bridges on the Planet


You may prefer to look away if you have a fear of heights. These bridges, precarious or just plain scary, are meant only for the bravest adventurers. If you wants adventure in your boring life then just go and experience it, though it will be quite expensive to go.

If you wish to experience the breathtaking panoramas of the mountains Ai-Petri region on the south-eastern coast of the crimea. The wooden bridges that tower over vast ravines.


Trift bridge in Switzerland is the longest Pedestrian bridge at 557 in length. This one seriously marvelous.


The Titlis Cliff work in Switzerland hangs 9842 sea level and offers lovely mountain view.


The Langkawi Sky bridge is bulit on the top of the Machinchang mountain in Malaysia and hangs 328ft avobe the ground.


The Millau Viaduct in France is the tallest bridge in the world. One mast of it stands at a dizzying 1,125 feet above the ground.


One of the most harrowing suspension structures in the world is the Hussaini Hanging Bridge in Pakistan, which features large, nail-biting gaps between tiny planks of wood.


Or you could also try one of the world’s most dangerous trails – Mount Hua in China. It features stomach-churning drops, vertical ascents, steep staircases and narrow walkways, with only a small chain to cling onto.

bridge-chinaby Piku Mukherjee

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