MICHELIN Latitude Sport 3 tyre makes India debut


Kolkata: Michelin tyres launched the internationally acclaimed premium range SUV tyres in India, the Michelin Latitude Sport 3. This tyre helps the company further strengthen its product portfolio in India that offers more driving pleasure and maximum performance for the discerning Indian owners of SUVs and CUVs. The new Latitude Sport 3 (LS3) is the third generation of Latitude on-road SUV and CUV tyres in the Michelin lineup. The design of the new tyre is capable of supporting the vehicle weight and driver expectations with enhanced safety performance, while delivering grip on all types of on-road surfaces. LS3 stops 2.70 meters shorter on wet roads with 4 percent improvement in dry braking and is more fuel efficient because of 25 percent reduction in rolling resistance than the previous generation tyre. The tyre provides high level of comfort and maximum torque transfer when braking or accelerating, thus improving steering precision.PN001075 LS3 features a unique tread pattern with variable tread blocks ensuring a silent and comfortable ride. The tyre also uses an innovative tread compound with the latest generation of elastomers for greater longevity and a 2 ply casing to provide enhanced strength. LS3 leverages Michelin Total Performance, the company’s technology strategy to develop tyres capable of simultaneously delivering superior levels of performance in the key areas of safety, fuel efficiency, grip, longevity and performance. The Latitude Sport 3 has already been selected and certified by car manufacturers to factory-equip their flagship models, such as the new Porsche Macan and BMW X5. Available nationally at Michelin premium dealerships the Michelin Priority Partners and the Tyre Plus network, the tyre will be offered in 4 sizes to equip the widest possible number of SUVs/CUVs already on the road like Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne among others, in the first year of its sale.