The Magnum Ice Creams Are Getting Smaller


London: Britain’s best selling ice creams have been quietly downsized – even though they cost the same amount of lolly.

Magnum Classic and Magnum White are eight per cent smaller, down from 120ml to 110ml.

Magnum Almond has been reduced by the same amount, and Magnum Mint has been cut by 10 per cent after going from 110ml to 100ml.

The Pink Raspberry Magnum is down from 100ml to 85ml – a whopping 13.6 per cent smaller – and the Double Caramel has gone from 110m to 88ml.magnum1

But while the lollies’ size has shrunk, the £1.90 price has been frozen at most shops, the same as a year ago.

Ice cream lovers will also catch a cold on Fruit Pastille lollies, down from 75ml to 65ml but still costing 95p.

The frosty treats are the latest in a string of well-known confectionery and biscuit brands to shrink in size but not in price.

Last year the Sunday Mirror revealed packs of Cadbury Creme Eggs had been cut from six to five chocolate eggs even though many shops continued to charge £2.

We also found boxes of chocolates – including Black Magic and Terry’s Chocolate Orange Segsations – had gone down in weight despite costing the same.

Food giant Unilever, which makes Magnum, claimed the change was the result of bosses’ desire to protect customers’ health, and absolutely nothing to do increasing the firm’s portion of profits.

A spokesman said: “We’ve introduced a 250 calorie cap to help make it easier for consumers to make informed and healthier choices when enjoying their favourite ice creams.”

But Marc Gander of the Consumer Action Group gave lolly bosses some stick, saying: “Shrinking products is a sneaky way of putting up costs for consumers because pack sizes shrink but the prices don’t.”