The Journey Of An IPS ‘Ironman’: First Indian Civil Servant

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Priyanka Dutta, Kolkata: Dreams and Dedication are a powerful combination. The story is about an inspiration, The Journey of an Ironman-

Hosla Banaye Rakh…. Ae zindagi ek jang hai… Hosla banaye rakh…..
Asasnkhya kasht jhel kar, Honthon pe geet sajaye rakh…
Dipt Dibbye rah mein, Adammye lakhsh chah mein…
Hosh tu banaye rakh, Josh tu jagaye rakh.
Krishna Prakash ( IPS )

With this kind of spirit, an IPS officer has added a new feather to India’s cap by completing world’s most grueling race, Ironman Triathlon. IPS Krishna Prakash has become the first Indian Civil Servant to complete the race which requires an athlete to cover a staggering 140 miles from the beginning to the end.

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In India, Milind Soman made this race a household name after the model turned actor won the Ironman title at the age of 50. Currently posted as the IG VIP Securities in Mumbai, the 1998 Maharashtra cadre officer joins a select list of his fellow countrymen to have finished the grueling event, which is widely recognized as the toughest single-day race in the world.

“ No achievement is the biggest achievement. Success is a journey. I can just explain this achievement, in the following words that you need an iron will to create an Inspirational history. Similarly, to be an Ironman, you need an iron will.’’ Krishna Prakash said while speaking to

At the age of 47, Prakash won the Ironman title. Talking about his journey,the IPS officer told “ I believe in myself, and I believe in the quote of Ironman that impossible is nothing. Once I got myself registered,for the Ironman event, in the week of May 2017, I started my full fledged preparation for the same.”

Prakash participated in the Vichy Ironman, held in one of the most beautiful cities in France, which is also known as the “Queen of Spa Towns”.

Krishna Prakash shared his tips for the rest of them who are dreaming for this title. “ The old wisdom of going to bed early and waking up early if possible but at least waking up earlyshould be a pre-requisite….. Before any work out do proper warm-up and dynamic stretches and after exercise do proper stretches and cooling down. One should not indulge in long hours of running or swimming everyday but it should start with interval runs, relaxed runs, speed exercises,pace run and eventually long runs. Long cardio exercises should be done only once or twice in a week.’’

After getting job, generally officers ignore the issue of health and fitness as well as to pursue their passion and hobbies. Krishna Prakash added that “ I have a firm belief, that life is not a journey, to achieve,or grab the highest post,power,authority or mass wealth but blife is sincerely a journey to become a true hearted person and selfless human being. Then only,one can be rise above the competitive struggle for welth and power,petty criticism and judgements and in true sense pursue one’s passion of all kind.”

It kicks off with a 2.4-mile swim, after which there is a 112-mile bicycle ride. It is then followed by a full marathon run, 26.2 miles long. And to register as a finisher, one has to complete this ordeal in this particular sequence and within 17 hours, which makes it a test only the fittest can survive. It was the first time he was participating in an event of such magnitude and finished with an impressive timing of 14 hours and eight minutes, shaving off more than an hour off Soman’s timing from two years ago.