‘The Godfather’ never ran after money


London: Hollywood superstar Al Pacino has confessed that money has never been his prerogative as he is not materialistic. The 75 year old actor said he even slept in front of a store during his young days.

“There were times when I was young when I could have used money. After college I was often unemployed and at one time I slept in a storefront for a few days. But I have never been materialistic. Except that I am, ofcourse, because my lifestyle makes me a spender!,” he said.

The “Godfather” star said his grandfather James Gerardi taught him the caliber of work. He describes his father as a “Plasterer” and that he was willing to do any kind of work and it brought joy to his life. “It’s what I’ve always chased. The joy of work is what keeps me going,” he added.


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