The Five Best Smartphone Cameras In India Now


New Delhi: Smartphone are for making calls. Right? Yes, they are. But surprisingly they are equally important as cameras. We are always clicking photos with the phone that we have. All sorts of photos… panoramas, travel photos, photos of food, photos of cats, selfies, you name it. No wonder, a lot of smartphone buyers want a good camera in their phones.

So if you are the sort of buyer who cares a lot about the camera performance of your phone, which one should you buy? Here are the five smartphones that we feel are the best when it comes to clicking images. And these five span a price bracket of Rs 9,000 to Rs 50,000 so depending on your budget, take your pick.

Motorola Moto G3

If you have a budget of Rs 10,000 for your next phone and want something that clicks awesome images, look no further than the Moto G3. Although in this budget you will only get the 8GB version but the camera on this phone, for its price, is very good. In clear light, expect the Moto G3 to click detailed and punchy photos with its 13-megapixel camera. In low light, the performance takes a hit but still it does respectably and will give you the kind of images that you can post on your Instagram with a few nice filters and earn laurels.

Xiaomi Mi 4

It was released in late 2013 but the 13-megapixel camera on this phone continues to be among the best, especially now that it is competing with phones that cost less than Rs 20,000. The Mi 4 clicks fantastic images in good light. These images have lots of detail and while there is some oversharpening, the overall effect is pleasing to the eyes. There is no doubt that this is the best phone to buy if your primary concern is photography and you have a budget of less than Rs 20,000. The good bit about the Mi 4 is that even the front is really impressive. The 5-megapixel front camera captures clear and comparatively detailed selfies.


Nexus 5X

Now, we are talking. When it comes to camera performance, the Nexus 5X is a freak. Why? It is so damn good! It sells for just Rs 25,000 and yet offers camera performance that can match the likes of the iPhone 6S and the Galaxy S7, if not surpass them. The reason behind the camera goodness of the Nexus 5X is its camera hardware. It uses Sony IMX377 sensor, which has large 1.55um pixels. The result is that whether you are clicking images in the good light or in low light, the Nexus 5X will return fantastic results. Although, it is also somewhat inconsistent due to the software. But the hardware is so good that even the occasionally wonky software fails to bring it down.

iPhone 6

The older iPhone may have just an 8-megapixel camera, but it is a camera that is among the best in the business. It is so good that many professional photographers use it to shoot images when they are not in the mood to take out their bulky DSLR cameras. The great bit about the iPhone 6 is that the phone is now selling for a price of around Rs 35,000 and it offers camera performance comparable to that of the iPhone 6S. This is one case where we will say, it doesn’t get better than this.

Galaxy S7

You read all the nice things we said about the iPhone 6 camera? Well, the camera in the Galaxy S7 is marginally better than the one in the Apple’s phone. It has better hardware and while in good light it’s winsome-losesome for the Galaxy S7 vs its competitor, in low light it smokes everything else that is out there. Although, there is also some weird over-sharpening in the images but overall the Galaxxy S7 clicks images that are the best you will get from a phone. One of the big reasons behind the S7’s stellar camera is its F1.7 lens. yes, you read it right. The F1.7 is very wide and that means the Galaxy S7 captures just that much more light. And we all know more light = better images. The Galaxy S7 sells for a price of around Rs 47,