The Famous Rashbari Of Chetla In Dismal Condition


Kolkata: Janmashtami comes from two words—Janam that means birth and ashtami that means eight. The festival is named so because Krishna was born on the eighth day of the dark fortnight. He is always stealing butter, playing pranks and lying. He is also known as ‘Makhanchor’. But at the same time, he wins everyone’s hearts with his love and generosity. In Janmasthami, lord krishna worshiped across the city of Joy. But the Lord Krishna of Chetla’s Rashbari did not worshiped properly in this day. The Vrindavan of the city is in dismal condition. This scene is to be seen in 93 Tollygunge area.

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Lord Shiva temples Surrounded the whole premises. Lord Krishna’s temple situated in the center. Which is locked from outside. The temple built in 1847. This Temple of Krishna is totally in dingy condition due to lack of maintenance.

ভাঙা ঘরে অনাহারে দিন কাটে ক্ষুধার্ত কৃষ্ণের

According to sources the temple was established by the Manimohan Das in 1847. Pearylal Das started work and After his death, Manimohan Das completed her husband’s work. But another sources said The Mandal family of the famous Bawali house of Bajbaj is the founder of that temple. Bawali home has become a resort now. But they did not maintain this Rashbari.

The Krrishna temple is situated in middle of the Rashbari. The upper part of the temple was built in collaboration with Navoratna and Pancharatna. But the edges of the temple have been damaged. The outer part of temple is full of jungles. Water is flowing from the ceiling of the temple.

Once upon a time, Lord Krishna had been worshiped with vigor here. A fair also had arranged on that day. But all this is past now. The worshipers of the temple were reluctant to say anything. Local people informed about the dismal condition of the temple.

There was a tunnel on the back side of the temple, where Krishna was taken to the main Rashbari. That path is now closed. Among eight shiblingas few have been disappeared. Locals claim they were stolen. The door was closed, did not see the lord krishna. May be he is waiting for water and Vog.