The Advertisements that almost said it ‘All’


Wild Stone deodorant: The advertisement scores full marks in the sensuality department and it even shows the man and woman making love in an aesthetic manner. The ad shows a Bengali woman getting turned on by a man after he sprays some deodorant. The backdrop of a puja also adds colour to the advertisement. 




Denver deodorant : A bikini clad model gets turned on by a male staring at her just because he has put on a deodorant. She gets so turned on that she is willing to undress herself on the beach itself. The expressions and the model's seduction ad makes it indeed a hot advertisement. 




Slice: Katrina Kaif's commercial of Slice became quite famous because of her subtle seductive act in the advertisement. This ad is widely known as the 'Aamsutra' and shows the pretty actress in a never seen before sensual avatar. The way she licks the drink from her fingertips make her look very sensuous. 



Zatak Talc: This advertisement will surely make tailoring a fun profession. The female model, who goes to give her measurement to a tailor, gets turned on by him when she realises that he has sprinkled himself generously with Zatak talcum powder. The female models pouts and does oohs and aahs to make it a very sensual ad. 



Moods Condom: The advertisement shows how a girl cannot control her libido. Riding with her boyfriend on a bike, the girl is turned on just by the thought of condom. She is touching him, fondling him and biting him, much to the delight of roadside spectators.



Amul macho: Amul Macho’s “Yeh to bada toying hai” has been amongst the most controversial and suggestive advertisements of Indian television. It featured a woman clad in a red sari washing her husband’s underwear. This woman washes the underwear, fantasising as if her husband is still wearing it. The suggestive expressions of the woman makes it sexually explicit.amul-macho


Manforce condom: Former porn-star-turned actor Sunny Leone has taken the ad world by storm by her latest steamy advertisement. The pretty actress is endorsing Manforce condoms and the ad shows her posing seductively and showing off her cleavage. In the advertisement, she holds her outfit with one hand and reaches for black grapes with the other. The shoot of the ad took place in Thailand.



Levis: The hot and hunky Akshay Kumar is dressed in a pair of jeans and showing off his perfect abs. The female model is all out to seduce him and then unbuttons his jeans. Well we know with all girls oohing and aahing, this was indeed a steamy ad. 


Courtesy: TOI

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