Thanks to Law’s Loopholes, Nirbhaya Juvenile Released


New Delhi: The juvenile convict in the December 16, 2012 Delhi gang-rape was released amidst protests by the victims’s parents at India Gate. “Juvenile convict in the December 16 gang rape case no longer under police protection. Now with an NGO,” police sources told.

At the ongoing protest at India Gate, the victim’s father, Badrinath, said that he would “now mobilise people to make it a movement.” “It’s all politics that is happening, not justice, ” he said.

Earlier, Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chairperson Swati Maliwal had written to the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB), asking them to delay the release of the juvenile convict in the December 16 gang-rape case.

The juvenile convict was moved out of Delhi on Saturday, a day before his scheduled release. The convict, who is now 20 years old and was known to be the most brutal of the attackers, was taken to an undisclosed location amid concerns that there was a threat to his life. The parents of the gang-rape victim said they were disappointed with the high court order refusing to stay his release and said they want justice.

“I just want justice, I want stay on his (juvenile convict) release. Hearing is just to mislead the people. They (DCW) tried in night. They might have been able to stop the release if they had tried during the day,” said Nirbhaya’s mother.