Testicle Eating Fish Found in America


New Jersey: American Lakes have recently been infested with a fish named as ‘Nutcracker’ infamous for going after testicles as its favourite dish. It was found by a father and his son at a New Jersey Lake.

Many pet owners mistakenly think they are piranhas when they purchase the more famous species’s cousin, which can grow up to 24 kilos. Ron Rossi, from the Philadelphia suburb of Delran, with his son Frank went to a man-made body of water when they hooked what they assumed to be piranha.

However, an omnivorous fish native to Brazil that has human-like teeth and has been reported to eat testicles of men, was hunted. The species grow up to four-feet long and uses its molar-like teeth to crush food.

A 10-inch pacu was caught in northern New Jersey in September 2013, followed by 17-incher in Washington state, a 20-inch specimen in southern Illinois two months later and a 14-inch pacu in Michigan’s Lake St Clair last summer.

Rossi found out when they went home and found out after being confused at its lack of piranha chompers, they told WPVI. The South American fish are sometimes kept as pets, who may have left the pacu into the lake, said the Department of Environmental Protection officials.