Terrorists Were Well Prepared: SP Salwinder Singh


Chandigarh: Gurdaspur Superintendent of Police Salwinder recounted the horror of the fateful night when he was abducted by a group of four to five terrorists. The terrorists believed to be from Jaish-e-Mohammed were in Army uniform and stopped Salwinder Singh’s car while he was returning from a religious place.

“There were 4-5 people. They stabbed me from the butt of the rifle. I was shocked but later realised that they were terrorists. They were taking to their head in Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi,” said Singh.

“They initially did not know that I am the Superintendent of Police but later came back to hunt me down. They threw me in a jungle and took away my two mobiles. They had tied my hands and I was blindfolded,” added Singh.

When asked whether the terrorists asked him for the way, Singh replied in negative, “They did not ask us for the way, I think they were prepared. They were using GPS. Jeweller Rajesh, Salwinder Singh’s friend, told me that the have taken Rs 500 notes from him and they were carrying lots of luggage and ammunition.”

When questioned on not taking enough security with him even though there were reports of possible attack, Singh said, “I had gone to a religious place and hence did not take my gun along. I did not take my PSO along as I was going to a religious place. My friend was driving the car and the cook was sitting on the back seat.”

Fifth terrorists, who stormed the Pathankot Air Force base on January 2, was killed on Monday while combing operations are underway on Tuesday. There is still no clarity whether more terrorists are still holed up in the Airbase.