Terrorists Claimed to Avenge Guru & Kasab’s Hanging


Chandigarh: The 41-year-old jeweller who was abducted by a group of jihadis on Friday in the carjacked vehicle of the Gurdaspur SP before they attacked the Pathankot air base said the terrorists made it plain their objective was to avenge the hanging of Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab.

“They were four people. I am sure. They were young and in the age group of 18 to 21. They told mVerma was driving the car when the terrorists, dressed in military uniform, stopped the car. The terrorists overpowered the trio and took the control of the car. “They asked me how far Amritsar airport is. They were talking to their commander and apprising him of their movements. They left Superintendent of Police and the cook on the way and took me along. They were using a GPS device. They almost knew all the ways,” Verma added.

Terrorists also took Rs 2000 from Verma. “They were demanding energy drink (Red Bull) and chocolates. The four took Rs 500 each from me and said ‘ye do hazaar ke liye hum tere ehsan mand rahenge, Rajesh’ (We will remain indebted to you for Rs 2000),” Verma said. The terrorists did not know the car belonged to the Superintendent of Police when they left him at the jungle along with cook. While pressing different buttons in the car, they started the hooter by mistake.

“They started the hooter by mistake after which they realised that the car belongs to a VIP. They then again had a word with their commander who asked them to get the SP back. But when they returned to the spot, the SP had run away along with the cook. Even though they had no intention to harm me, they said because your partners did not co-operate, you have to pay the price. They slit my throat with a knife,” said Verma.
Verma’s condition is now stable and is recovering.