Terrorists Get Rs 5000 to Reach India

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New Delhi: Nepal continues to be the favourite route for both criminals and terrorists when they want to cross over into India or Pakistan. For several years now the Nepal route has been preferred and going by the investigations conducted in various cases, it costs just Rs 5,000 to move into Pakistan via Nepal.

It costs only Rs 5000 to the terrorists and criminals to cross over to India or Pakistan through Nepal route, a report has revealed how convenient it is for the intruders to either slip in or out of both the countries.

A terrorist from Pakistan would normally first fly between Lahore and Doha. Following this the terrorist would take a flight into Kathmandu. Over there they get in touch with the tout a day later. After the payment of Rs 5000 they are transported into India normally on a motor bike. At the border they then take a bus before heading out to their destination, Intelligence department reported.

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Terrorists and criminals just pay Rs 5000 to move into or escape from India. From Pakistan, they would normally first fly between Lahore and Doha, report claimed. The terrorists then take flight to Kathmandu and with the help of touts – whom they pay a nominal amount of Rs 5000 they get transported into India on a motorbike, the report further stated.

Nepal has been a nightmare for the security agencies in India. For several years now, criminals and terrorists either slip in or out through Nepal. The information was gathered after Gujarat ATS arrested two operatives alleged to be behind the killing of the BJP leaders in Bharuch.

During the investigations it was revealed that the loopholes in security measures lets the terrorists and criminals flee India and reach Pakistan or vice versa.

The accused in the CRPF Rampur attack case have also divulged about how easy it is to flow in fake currency in India through Nepal border. The report also quoted IB officials as saying that the issue has time and again been communicated to Nepal authorities.

The information has come into the limelight at a time when Islamic State has declared to wage a war against India. In the recent past, many infiltration bids were foiled near Jammu and Kashmir and other neighbouring states to Nepal.