Terrorists arrested ahead of World Cup


Sydney: Australian police on Wednesday said it thwarted an imminent attack by the Islamic State during the on going World Cup. The terror had sunk in after the police had arrested two men from a house in Sydney during anti-terror raids.

The duo, aged 24 and 25, were on Tuesday arrested in a raid carried out by NSW Police and Australian Federal Police at a house in the western Sydney suburb of Fairfield following a tip-off that they were planning an attack.

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From the raid, Police seized a machete, a hunting knife and a flag associated with Islamic state along with a video of a man talking about carrying out an attack. It is believed that the accused was preparing to launch a terror attack.

NSW Deputy Commissioner Cath Burn said the men appeared to be planning to harm or kill someone by “using one of the items recovered (in the raids), potentially a knife.” Police believed the attack was going to occur on Tuesday.

Just three days prior to the grand event on Earth, the World Cup, such a raid is all set to keep the security personnels on their toes. The World Cup will be played by 14 countries of the world. In such a situation, the threat is sure to bring lines of folds in the forehead of organizers.