Terror Outfit Supporters Should Be Strongly Dealt With: India At UNSC


New Delhi : India strongly advocated to put an end to all terror safe havens operating on Afghan territory. Terror outfit supporters in Afganisthan should be strongly dealt with, India expressed in UNSC.

Terrorists continue to attack the most vulnerable, including the sick in hospitals, children in schools, devotees in mosques and even mourners at funerals. Terrorist groups have gained territory, Deputy Permanent Representative of India to UN, Tanmaya Lal said during an open debate of the Security Council on Afghanistan.

“The support for terrorist organisations like the Taliban, the Haqqani Network, Daesh, Al Qaeda and its designated affiliates such as Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e- Mohammed from outside Afghanistan, must be forced to stop,” Lal said.

“All safe havens and sanctuaries available to such groups outside Afghan borders must end. Security Council has an important responsibility in this regard in our collective interest,” Lal said.

“The continued resilience shown by the Afghan people and security personnel has been exemplary but hopes of a better future still appear distant. Our regular consultations and the work done by the Council have not been enough to more effectively reverse the situation on the ground,” he added.

Lal said it has been painfully clear since long that the security situation in Afghanistan has implications not only for the region but the entire world.

“While new threats emerge from the Daesh, the Security Council cannot even decide whether to designate the new leaders of Taliban or to freeze the assets of the slain leader of the group more than a year after the issue was brought to its attention,” Lal said.