Bamako Terror Attack: 20 Indians Rescued, Says MEA


Update 08:00 pm: The twenty Indian citizen held captive in Raddison hotel by jihadi gunmen were safely evacuated, said MEA.

Update: Twenty Indians in hotel where gunmen have taken 170 hostage in Mali’s capital, reported to be safe: Government sources. Indians held hostage in Mali work for a Dubai-based company and were residing in the hotel permanently, said MEA.

Bamako: Three people have reportedly died after gunmen stormed a Raddison hotel in Mali. A 190-room luxury Radisson hotel in Bamako, Mali, West Africa, is reportedly under attack from jihadists. Shooting and blasts are heard, and a hostage situation is under way, a security source tells AFP.

The unidentified men attacked the hotel in the country’s capital of Bamako at around 8am on Friday and have been reported as holding hostages.

Witnesses at the scene have reported that the attackers arrived in a diplomatic vehicle, and are now “walking quietly” around seven stories of the hotel.

“Very early in the morning, there was gunfire. Apparently it’s an attempt to take hostages. The police are there and are sealing off the area,” the security source was quoted as saying.