Terror Alert In Kolkata, Security Beefed


Kolkata: Terror alert has been sounded in Kolkata, besides the entire country prior to 23rd January and 26th January, said National Intelligence, Raw and police. Kolkata is under high terror alert. The Entire country is under terror alert. Thorough Checking and search is going on throughout the country. Already some suspects are arrested. The search mission is also being carried out in Kolkata.

Kolkata police is prepared to combat tragic situations. Security has been beefed up at places where it is likely to remain crowded on 23rd and 26th January. CCTV monitoring is also being carried out at Kolkata. CCTVs are being installed at many places. The roads for entering the city are under high security check. Kolkata police special forces have already taken position. Many places are being searched around the city.

Cracking down on the terror modules in the country security agencies in a countrywide swoop arrested at least 25 suspects. An alert has also been issued in Delhi about a missing taxi, a white Alto, which was hired from Pathankot, where a terror attack earlier this month killed seven people. The taxi’s driver was reportedly found dead on January 20 in Kangra in Himachal Pradesh.

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