Tendulkar Could Not Open His Innings In Rajya Sabha


New Delhi: Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar could not open his innings to speak in Rajya Sabha as he was denied a chance due to opposition uproar and protest in the Upper House over PM’s insinuation of Manmohan Singh over Gujarat elections.

Tendulkar stood in the house for ten minutes waiting to speak but Congress MPs refused to sit down amid their protests over Modi’s remark on Manmohan Singh’s involvement with Pakistan. Tendulkar was supposed to lead parliamentary discussions on “Authority to play” and “Future of sports in the country”.

‘God of cricket’ Sachin Tendulkar was nominated as Rajya Sabha member in 2012 and he was often criticised for skipping parliamentary discussions. This is the first time that Sachin was to speak in Parliament.

Chairman of the House, Venkaiah Naidu tried to pacify the protesting MPs several times asking them to sit down but to no avail. He adjourned the House for the day.