Temples Ravaged In Bangladesh’s Nasir Nagar Following Facebook Post


Dhaka: Major attacks were launched in Kali temples across Nasir Nagar in Brahmanbariya district. Even some houses were also ravaged. The country’s Hindu minority was severely targeted yet again.

Security forces have been deployed in the area. The Hindu locality was plundered. The idol of Goddess Kali stood damaged. This attack was allegedly carried out by a religious group.

Earlier, a cartoon mocking a Muslim religious place was posted in Facebook by a local resident Rasaraj Das sparked outrage. Many Muslim institutions have been demanding his arrest. Roads were blocked, panic spread across the area. But Das defends that his account has been hacked and he is being wrongly framed.

Religious Group ‘Tauhidi Janata’ staged a procession on Sunday afternoon. Six Kali temples have been ransacked since.

Police Super Mijanur Rahman said that  the attackers were armed with local-made weapons. He also alleged that Jamat Islami might have fuelled the attack. Six assailants have been detained.

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