Temples Attacked In Jessore, Bagura & Faridpur Again


Dhaka: Idols were destroyed in Jessore, Bagura, Faridpur. Two miscreants handed over to the police after public beating at Jessore. Priest Sadhan Kumar Pal was reciting Gita at Sarbajanin Kali Temple at Dharmatala area on 10 pm, 2nd November.

That moment some miscreants lead by Shamim and Jasim tried to snatch the GIta from the priest. When priest tried to hinder them they start to destroy the idols of the goddess.

Local people went there by hearing the noise. And they caught Shamim and Jasim red handed, beat them and handed to the police and then admitted to the hospital.

A case have been filled against Shamim and Jasim and mentioing some other unlnown person. On the other hand, Miscreants destroyed 4 idols at Dhunat of Bagura. On Tuesday night idols were broken in a temple situated by the side of the Ichamati River. On the same night, same idols breaking happend in a family temple at Boyalmari of Faridpur.This happend in a Family temple of Ananda Biswas, dweller of Rupapat village of Rupapat Union. Police Visited the place.