Temperature Climbs To 37.2 Degree Celsius In Kolkata


Kolkata: It was yet another steamy, sweaty day in Kolkata on Friday even as the temperature climbed up to 37.2 degree Celsius. With moisture flowing in from the Bay of Bengal, the discomfort index was high. Even though the Met office has predicted a thunderstorm on Sunday, the next 24 hours could be just as warm, it said.

“Till we receive a thunderstorm, the mercury will continue to crawl up. It is the moisture which is making the conditions unbearable during the day. But conditions are slowly turning favourable for a thunderstorm and we expect a change in weather by Sunday,” said GK Das, director, Regional Meteorological Centre (RMC).

A low-pressure has formed over Bihar which is moving slowly towards Gangetic Bengal. If it continues to gather moisture, a thunderstorm is imminent, said weathermen. “The system continues to exist and is gathering steam. The more moisture flows in from the sea, the better. We expect the system to start moving towards Kolkata by Sunday, provided there is a strong enough north-westerly wind current to carry it to the region,” said Das.

It has been a relatively moderate April so far with 38.7 degree Celsius recorded on Wednesday being the highest. The mercury had touched 37.3 degree Celsius last week as well. But subsequently, the mercury has hovered around 34-35 degrees, making the heat bearable. Two consecutive thundershowers over the last weekend made the conditions quite pleasant. But the mercury started spiraling on Monday with and touched 34.6 degree Celsius and the humidity reaching 91%. The sudden mercury surge was triggered by hot winds flowing in from the central Indian plains, according to GK Das, director, Regional Meteorological Centre (RMC).

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