Telcos Incurring Losses Due to Call Drops: Bharati VC


New Delhi: Call drop is not only affecting the customers but are causing severe financial loss to the telecom companies also as as they invest thousands of crores in buying spectrum but are unable to use it for delivering services due to lack of mobile towers, Bharti Enterprises Vice Chairman Akhil Gupta said on Monday.

“Operators do not make money from call drops as there are per second billing plans. They are losing enormous amount of money and reputation from call drops”, Mr. Gupta said responding to queries at a FICCI event on Women entrepreneurship here.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued a new rule under which telecom operators will have to pay Rs. 1 for each call drop that is limited to three complaints a day.

The telecom operators said that due to this rule, the penalty may be to the tune of Rs. 54,000 crore annually, but according to the regulator, it will much less to the tune of Rs. 800 crore per year.

The operators have been blamed by both the government and TRAI for call drop problem, one of the reasons being lack of investment in infrastructure, Mr. Gupta said.

“You cannot expect industry to invest thousands of crores in spectrum and don’t utilise it by not investing in infrastructure. Why should someone who gets his bread and butter from telecom services would like to support call drop?” Mr. Gupta added countering the allegation on telecom operators.