Telangana Post-drug bust, fake info circulates on social media


Hyderabad: An unverified list of schools and colleges is being circulated via WhatsApp and other messaging and social media platforms along with a message that students from these institutes are addicted to drugs. Parents of children studying in the schools included in the list have begun to panic and conduct inquiries with the schools.

The list contains the names of 19 schools and 14 colleges, and the message says that it has been released by the Crime Branch. However, the Crime Branch is not dealing with the case, and the Excise department, which bust the drug racket, has not released any list.
Mr Akun Sabharwal, director of enforcement of the Excise and Prohibition department, said that the list was fake and he asked people to stop circulating it. Schools are also urging parents not to panic.

Representatives of Johnson Grammar School, which is one of the schools on the list, have sent a message to parents saying, “The school takes utmost care when it comes to the safety of students. It holds a reputation of 40 years. There have been claims of students being involved in a drug racket. This is to state that there have been no signs of any such instances in our school.”

However, the health, safety and safeguarding committee will take measures to address the issue with the students, staff and bus drivers. You are requested to extend your cooperation in this drive by taking a note of the following – ensure that your child does not use a smartphone, as this becomes an easy medium of communication with drug dealers; do a background check on the drivers of private vehicles and monitor their actions, they added.