‘Teenkahon’ selected for DC IFF


Kolkata: Vintage looks are always elegant, so does Vintage films with black and white touch in it. Bauddhayan Mukherji’s ‘Teenkahon’ is the only Asian film that has been chosen to be showcased in the DC Independent Film Festival (DC: IFF). The festival is one of the oldest and the most prestigious independent film festival.

The Director Brad Sherman of IFF stated, “This fest doesn’t believe in showing hundred or more film like mainstream festival. In the narrative feature category, we have chosen just few narrative feature categories. Only eight films from across the world have been selected.” Among them ‘Teenkahon’ is the only movie from Asia which have been nominated for the competitive section. Bauddhayan will be attending the summit of Hill hosted by US congressional Environment Industries on February 25.

This year’s topic will be the use of drones in films and policy decisions on the usage of guidelines. The seminar will be hosted by Brad Sherman, Democrat and a member of the House. The filmmaker’s next project after ‘The Violin Player’ will be a Bengali film. “Teenkahon wasn’t meant for kids. My daughter had a huge problem with that. Also, ever since we made Patalghar, there has been a dearth of quality Bengali children’s films. We have just bought the rights to a Bengali children’s novel. It’s a fantasy, in which I’d love to use live action and animation. I have planned to use animated characters along with live actors. This will be something new in Bengali films,” he signed off.