Teenager’s Death Triggered Havoc Chaos In Joka ESI Hospital


Kolkata: A teenager’s death in Joka ESI hospital triggered havoc chaos in the area. The family of the deceased teenager claimed that the boy died due to medical negligence. The angry mob especially the deceased teenager relatives vandalized the hospital, the emergency ward and the ICU has been broken down. The other patients and the hospital staffs are in trauma after this incident.

Reportedly, on Friday a 13 year old boy named Vivek was admitted in this hospital by his family as he had high fever. The patient’s family has claimed that the hospital authority denied to admit him in the hospital. But on Saturday when the boy was again brought by his family to the hospital as the temperature didn’t go down, eventually, he was admitted there. And the boy died on Sunday.

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This incident reportedly triggered havoc chaos near the Joka ESI hospital area. The family of the deceased boy vandalized the hospital property, leaving the emergency ward and the ICU damaged. His family allegedly claimed that medical negligence led to their son’s death. Team of police has been deployed near the hospital area.