Teenager Stabbed To Death At Ballygunge Apartment


Kolkata: A 17-year-old boy named Abesh dasgupta has been stabbed to death during a friend’s birthday bash in a posh residential apartment at Ballygunge in south Kolkata on Saturday evening.

Aabesh Dasgupta, a student of St Xavier’s School, had gone to the multi-storey apartment 6 Sunny Park at Ballygunge early in the evening to attend the birthday celebrations of a classmate-friend. Several other friends of Aabesh had also turned up for the event. As they were chatting, an argument broke out between Aabesh and a male friend.

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In the process, the latter picked up an empty soft-drink bottle, broke it partially, and stabbed Aabesh in the chest with it. An injured Aabesh tried to escape by rushing into the nearby parking lot of the building but collapsed on the ground due to grievous injury.

Following this, all his friends fled from the spot, including the one who stabbed him. Private security guards spotted Aabesh lying in a pool of flood, and called up the Ballygunge police station.

A police team soon rushed in and took Aabesh to a famed private nursing home at nearby Dhakuria, where doctors declared him dead on arrival. In preliminary observation, doctors have assigned excessive blood secretion and shock as the reason for his death. A post-mortem will be conducted on his body tomorrow to ascertain the cause of death in more specifics.

Police have detained another teenager, who is said to have stabbed Aabesh. This after other friends called up police informing about his complicity.

Preliminary report suggests that the detained teenager and his victim friend were in love with a same girl of their age. An argument broke out between them over this, during which he stabbed Aabesh to death.

Police are talking to his other friends and are scanning the CCTV camera footages from the apartment to learn about the exact turn of events and to ascertain whether any other friend was involved in the crime.

A team from Kolkata Police’s homicide department, forensic and finger print experts, and senior police officials are at the crime scene now carrying out investigation. The detained teenager is being questioned at the Ballygunge police station.