Teen Model Auctions Her Virginity For 17 Crore Online


Bucharest: Fame and fashion industries go hand-in-hand, and models of lingerie brands are no strangers to this. But this 18-year-old, aspiring lingerie model has hit international headlines but for a rather unusual reason, and no it’s not for being featured in some magazine or wearing the most expensive diamond studded bikini. It’s safe to say that Aleexandra Kefren has surprised the world by auctioning her virginity for a whopping €2.5 million (around Rs 17 crore)!

আপনি এই কাজটি করলে মেয়েরা কিন্তু আকৃষ্ট হবেই!

Kefren ignited a firestorm late last year after she disclosed on a TV show that she had put up her first sexual experience for a minimum of $1 million in an auction through a German escort service.

The model said she had received ample of offers since her plans were revealed before closing the deal only recently. According to the agency, Cinderella Escorts, an unidentified “very friendly” Hong Kong businessman has been set as the highest bidder, and the auction is closed now.

The model from Bucharest, Romania, in a statement said that a hotel in Germany has been booked for the tryst. Her statement further added, “I would never have dreamed that the bid would go so high and we would reach € 2.3 million. This is really a dream come true.”

আপনি কি জানেন কলা খেলে কি হয়?

Heavily criticised on social media and the community she defended her decision and asked, “How many would possibly forgo their first time in retrospect if they could have 2.3 million euros instead? Everyone has to ask himself this question. Of course, there will be different opinions, but everyone should be able to represent and live their own.”

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