Teen Cricketer Killed Over ‘No-Ball’ Argument


Dhaka: A teenage cricketer in Dhaka was allegedly killed by a stump-wielding batsman after he taunted the umpire over a no-ball delivery, police said on Thursday.

According to local police chief Bhuiyan Mahboob Hasan, Babul Shikdar, 16, was wicketkeeping during a neighbourhood match on Wednesday with friends when the batsman was given out.

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Shikdar suggested that the umpire might again declare the bowler’s delivery a no-ball, and favour the batsman by allowing him to remain at the crease. The umpire had made the same ruling off the previous ball.

“It enraged the batsman who picked up a stump and hit Shikdar on the back of his head. He collapsed on the field and died on the way to a clinic,” Hasan told AFP.

Police were now searching for the batsman who fled the scene, he said.

Cricket is a popular sport across South Asia and sparks over matches at all levels are seen in the cricket-loving countries.