Technologies that don’t let humans relax, must be cut off!


Washington:Improved technology might have made the working systems easier but the combination of smartphones and increasing pressure at work has made it impossible for people to cut themselves off from office after work hours. Mark Cropley, the author of ‘The Off-Switch: Leave Work on Time, Relax Your Mind But Still Get More Done’ claims that not reading and responding to emails after office hours can improve a person’s health and productivity at work, reported the Guardian.

Cropley said that work has a nasty habit of creeping up on some people and before realising it they would find themselves working in the evenings, either finishing projects or checking emails to make life easier for the next day.

Explaining that switching off actually leaves a person’s mind clearer for the next day, he added that people are most creative when they are unwinding. Doing something that is completely different, like socialising or gardening could sometimes produce the solution to a problem.

According to Cropley , technology is not only cutting off people from taking proper rest but can also affect their health, leading to problems such as high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Giving his advice, Cropley said that employees should not to start bigger projects just before they are about to leave and spent the last 20 minutes by engaging in more mundane jobs in like cleaning mug and emptying drawers, as it would help them to switch off from work easily.

He has also suggested setting up an out-of-office email as soon as a person left work, reading or listening to music, and developing a hobby or cooking food instead of sticking to microwave.