Teachers’ Appointment: Division Bench Supports Panel 2009


Kolkata: Primary teachers must be appointed as per the panel of 2009. A division bench of Kolkata High Court has given this order. They quashed the order of the single bench on Saturday. According to the division bench, the order of the single bench is not proper for the implementation of the teachers’ appointment. The order of the division bench obviously a shot in the arm of the state government. They challenged the order of the single bench and made an appeal to the division bench of the Calcutta High Court. Because of the single bench verdict, the government was in jeopardy to implement the primary teachers’ appointments. The single bench had dictated the government to ignore the panel of 2009 and lend their ears to the demand of the PTTI trained applicants. The state government sought the help of the division bench. After today’s verdict, the government is almost in relief, because they also were trying to implement the appointments of the panel of 2009.