Teacher Sleeps In Class, Picture Goes Viral

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Haldia: In a bizarre incident in Haldia, a school teacher was seen sleeping in
class while students were enjoying their ‘free’ class.

The incident took place on Friday at East Midnapore’s Mahishadal block. It is the
incident of East Chakra’s Kalika Kundu Udaychand Primary School. The accused
teacher is Bishnupad Patra, a resident of Sutahata’s Anantpur.

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According to the school, there are a total of 101 students. The accused teacher
takes classes of pre-primary and class 1. The parents have alleged that the accused
teacher sleeps in class regularly. He did the same thing on Friday when the parents
took his picture. Chaos sparked after the picture had spread.

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A parent and the member of School GramShiksha Committee Niranjan Maiti said, every day complaints are received from students against the accused teacher. Maiti said that the teacher falls asleep in class while teaching. He has been warned several times but he did not take it seriously.

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Another teacher Subrata Panda said, “The parents had told us about him sleeping in class several times. Based on the complaint, we warned him to not sleep in class. Instead of listening to our warnings, he told us this the matter should be seen by senior authority.”

No reaction was available from Bishnupad Patra on this matter.