Taxi drivers to continue with their protests


Kolkata: The decrease in the fine for taxi refusal has brought smile in the faces of the taxi drivers, especially the ones affiliated to left organizations. They have claimed that the CM had to decrease the amount of fine due to their efforts, but many of their demands have not been heard yet. So the Left affiliated taxi drivers have planned to continue with their strikes.

On Thursday, CM had announced from Nazrul Mancha that the Taxi drivers will have to give a fine of Rs 100 for first refusal, Rs 200 for second, Rs 300 for third and Rs 500 for the fourth refusal. In case refusal increases more than five times, the fine will increase upto Rs 1000. Previously it was Rs 3000. But no decision has been taken for increasing waiting charge and allotting parking spaces.

The various taxi organizations has said before media that before two years, 120 places were identified in the city to be considered as parking space for taxi. The proposal was also sent to the government but no steps were undertaken in the matter.

President of CITU affiliated Taxi Organization Debaprasad Guha told the media, ” We are viewing the step taken by the Government as a partial victory but we have also informed the Government about our other demands.” INTTUC affiliated taxi organization’s leader Nolkishore Srivastav said that among other demands one has been fulfilled. The protests will continue with the other demands.