Tata Gr. appeal employees to give up subsidized LPG


Mumbai: Promptly responding to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent appeal, the Tata Group has urged its employees to voluntarily give up the use of subsidized Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), in national interest, if they can afford paying market price. Many more corporate are likely to make a similar appeal.

“The Tata companies and Tata employees have had a rich tradition of nation building. In keeping with that tradition of supporting the national interest, Tata companies are requesting those employees who can afford to do so to consider whether they may wish to voluntarily give up the use of subsidized LPG,” the Tata Group said in an appeal called “Let’s pledge to give up subsidy” which has been uploaded on its website.

Stating that the PM has appealed to citizens to forgo the subsidy if they can, the Tata group said , “This is in the national interest because India’s vital fuel requirements are met in large measure through costly imports; moreover, the foregone subsidy can be re-deployed towards other national development purposes.”

According to Public Sector petroleum company officials over 2.8 lakh people across India have so far given up subsidized cylinders. All most all officer grade petroleum company officials have stopped availing subsidized cylinders.

“The Tata Group’s gesture is noble. We have written letters to many corporates but the Tatas are the first to respond,” a senior PSU oil company official said.

The Tata Group website also provides a link to another website www.giveitup.in where Indian citizens can resister to surrender subsidized LPG. The Tata Group with 100 operating companies has over 5, 81,000 people working for it worldwide, with a majority of them based in India.

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