Taslima wants ‘SEX DAY’


New Delhi: After “Lajja” and “Fera” Taslima Nasreen known for her controversial writing and bold literature has again fanned liberal imaginations in a society where people considered sex a taboo. Nasreen commented on her Facebook profile that there must be a “SEX DAY”.

She wrote, now-a-days for every occasion there is a day named after, for example the ongoing Valentine’s Week has the Kiss Day.

On Kiss Day she wrote, Well, it’s good to kiss someone you love, and if you really like someone then sex with consent is good.

Taslima said, In animal habitat baboons enjoy healthy sex almost their entire life, yet they are so gentle. On the other hand humans consider sex a taboo and yet are so much violent.

Perhaps her comments will create another controversy like those remarks which occurred in her books like Lajja, Fera etc. And yet she boldly highlighted a new aspect of human nature.