Taslima Nasrin gets death threat via e-mail


New Delhi: Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasrin is certainly in news of late. After her facebook account was deactivated last week, it is heard that a terror organisation named Ansar Ul Bangla has sent her emails which say that she will be killed. Taslima is known for her ways of writings that affect culture and religious harmony among a certain cross section of the society. Controversy is not anything new to to this Bangladeshi writer. Her ‘Lajja’ was criticised by many people for writing many objectionable contents. A few days ago she also got herslef into a twitter fight with Pakistani journalist Mehk Tarar.

In a latest row of controversy, it is heard that now the Bangladeshi author has been receiving death threats from the froup named Ansar Ul Bangla. However, Taslima herself has not given any comment regarding the issue.