Taslima Nasreen Defy #Blasphemy, Praises Pakistan


Kolkata: The Bangladeshi-Swedish controversial writer Taslima Nasrin has praised Pakistan for acquitting Asia Bibi in her Twitter handle on Wednesday. She also demanded immediate arrest of those who are supporting death penalty for blasphemy.

She has stated in her tweet that, “Pakistan has done one thing good. It acquitted Asia Bibi on death row. Now it should do second thing good. Arrest all those morons who demand death penalty for blasphemy.” #blasphemy

Strongly defying Blasphemy, she again wrote that, “Abolish laws against blasphemy. Blasphemy is not a crime.”

Aasia Bibi, 53, who has been death row for eight years, was acquitted by the country’s top court on Wednesday morning.

Bibi’s case had become emblematic of fair trial concerns in cases Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws, and on Wednesday judges found there had been “glaring and stark” contradictions in the prosecution’s case against her.