Target China: Kim Preparing To Fire 30 Scud Missiles


Pyongyang: Now Target China. North Korea was spotted transporting 30 Scud missiles from Hwangju, south of the capital Pyongyang, to Nampo, in the west of the country. Earlier, an earthquake has been detected near North Korea’s nuclear site, prompting fears that Kim Jong-un may have conducted another test.

The earthquake measured 2.9 on the Richter scale and comes after a 6.1-magnitude magnitude quake last month, which Pyongyang claims was the result of hydrogen bomb test. After this earthquake, experts think that Kim will launch missile towards China and preparing for this.

It is believed Nampo holds a number of rocket facilities, including a military shipyard where submarine-launched ballistic missiles are loaded onto Kim’s subs. And experts have warned the tubby tyrant is getting ready for a major show of force next Wednesday – as the Chinese Communist Party holds its 19th Congress.

Kim Jong-Un is thought to be angry with China after North Korea’s only ally sided with Donald Trump to slap sanctions on the hermit kingdom. Now the chubby despot hopes to remind Chinese premier Xi Jinping he won’t be cowed with a shocking show of his military might.

Nampo, on the western coast of the secretive nation, is out of range of Japan and the US territory of Guam. But missiles fired from the military base could reach key targets in China, such as Dalia at 328 miles away, and Qindao at 200 miles away.