Tarantula Scare In Jhargram, West Midnapore


West Midnapore: Tarantula scare has once again returned to Jhargram and West Midnapore after a 24-year-old homemaker from Garia’s Boral locality had to be hospitalized on Thursday.

A suspected tarantula bit her when she was offering puja at the ground floor of her house. The incident took place on Thursday.

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The victim Putul Pailan, was hospitalised with an irregular heartbeat. Doctors later said the bite was certainly from a tarantula. Putul’s husband Bhaskar, though, said forest officials told him they needed to ascertain whether the insect was a tarantula, spider or something else.

The insect lying within the flowers, bit her with a severe sting. Amid severe pain, Putul managed to place the insect in a container and called her husband Bhaskar, who was then returning home from his workplace.

Two years ago, there was a panic at Debra block in the district after eight people were hospitalised due to spider-bites. All the victims were discharged after preliminary treatment, though there was a strong rumour that they were bitten by tarantulas.