Tapas Paul Arrest: TMC Smells Revenge, Opposition Lauds

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Kolkata: TMC MP Tapas Paul has been detained by CBI over his alleged connection in the Rose Valley scam. Expressing anguish over the arrest, TMC General Secretary Partha Chattopadhyay said that the Centre is embarking on political vengeance. It is trying to defame Mamata Banerjee in the eyes of the common people.

Mamata has been instrumental in assembling the public and thereby highlighting their plights due to demonetization. She is mobilizing nationwide protests against the note ban.  But the Centre is attempting to douse her efforts using one of its key organizations. However, their attempts will prove to be futile, believes Chattopadhyay.

Similar allegations were also posed by another TMC MP and party spokesperson Derek O’ Brien. He said that opposing Centre’s decisions are inviting intimidation. Protest will continue to rage.

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Meanwhile, BJP State President Dilip Ghosh firmly believes that Centre has no role to play in Tapas Paul’s arrest. The arrest was long impending. With the arrest, their indulgence in deceit has come to the forefront. Common people will soon be served justice.

CPIM MLA Sujon Chakraborty lauding the arrest said that the count of corrupting MLAs from the leading party is on the rise. They have for long looted the poor. They need to be reprimanded.