Taliban attacks at checkpoint kill 9 Afghan officers


Maiwand: Taliban insurgents,in the disguise of police, attacked checkpoints in Afghanistan. At least nine officers have been killed in their latest assault, authorities said on Monday.

The deadliest of the two attacks targeting a checkpoint in Afghanistan’s southern Kandahar province, the heartland of the Taliban. There, gunmen stormed the checkpoint in Maiwand district, killing at least five officers, said police spokesman Zia Durani.Durani added that police has started their investigation.

In western Herat province, another Taliban assault on a checkpoint killed four police officers in Chashti Sharif district, said Ghulam Rasoul, a district police chief. He said a police officer assigned at the checkpoint disappeared after the attack took place, raising suspicion he escaped with the Taliban and helped facilitate their assault.

The Taliban claimed both attacks.