Taliban Attack Leaves 6 Dead in Kabul


Kabul: Two Spaniards and at least four Afghan policemen have been killed in a terrorist attack in Kabul’s diplomatic quarter, near the Spanish embassy. According to the Afghan government, police forces ended the siege on Saturday.

Multiple blasts and gunfire rocked the high-security zone after the brazen raid began Friday evening, just hours after President Ashraf Ghani voiced optimism that a peace process with the Taliban would resume within weeks.
“Four Afghan policemen, two foreign nationals and four attackers were killed in the terrorist attack in Kabul,” Fraidoon Obaidi, the head of Kabul’s Criminal Investigation Department.

The government in Madrid confirmed that the two foreigners were Spanish policemen killed during the assault, which began when a huge car bomb struck during rush hour on Friday evening.

Afghan officials said the last of the four assailants was killed in the early hours of Saturday.