Talgo Train Is Set To Redefine Rail Travel In India


New Delhi: Talgo train coaches have reached Mumbai port, and soon preparations will begin for an extensive trail on Indian railway tracks.

Here is the timeline giving out how and when would the trains start plying and redefine rail travel in India:

  1. The train coaches after reaching Mumbai port from Barcelona, Spain on a cargo ship, will be taken by road to Izatnagar Depot, Bareilly, in Uttar Pradesh.
  2. The trial will begin in May in three phases
  3. In the first phase, the train will be run at the speed of 115 km per hour between Bareilly and Muradabad in Uttar Pradesh.
  4. In the second phase of trail, the train will run at 180 km per hour between Mathura and Palwal.
  5. The third phase trail will be between Delhi to Mumbai via Kota and the train will run at 200 km per hour
  6. No new tracks will be laid out for Talgo train, and will run on the existing railway tracks.
  7. The train body is made of light weight aluminum, with interiors made of fire retardant material
  8. The material used to make the coaches make the train not only lightweight, but even almost soundless.
  9. The trains will not have sleepers. have chair cars. One single train will have 14 AC car, 3 executive chair car and  3 power car.
  10. The coaches will have doors that open automatically like in metro trains.
  11. It will take around Rs 3 crore 25 lakh to make one coach, against Rs 2.5 crore for making a normal coach.