Tale Of 2 Prasoons: Protests After Nirbhaya, Quiet After Kathua & Unnao


New Delhi: In December 2012, as the gangrape of a 23-year-old paramedic student shook the conscience of this nation, CBFC Chief Prasoon Joshi was among the thousands of protesters who took to the streets. His poetry reverberated across television screens, striking chords far and wide.Even he penned a heartbreaking poem on child safety after the brutal murder of Ryan International’s 7 year old student.Cut to April 2018, as protests peaked against the gangrape of an 8-year-old in Jammu and Kashmir, as rallies led by politicians waved the tricolour and defended her alleged rapists, as per the report by‘the quint’the same Prasoon Joshi spoke not a single word. Neither poetry, nor prose.

Late on Wednesday night, as his interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi played across television screens worldwide, Joshi’s silence on Kathua and Unnao spoke louder than any of the ‘tough questions’ he fielded. This time, the poetry he recited was not in protest, it was in praise.This has raised many question like what suddenly changed him?