Tale Of This BSF Jawan Will Make You Proud

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Kolkata: A BSF soldier who not only a soldier but also a social worker. Govind Todi a BSF soldier who spend his money to provide food to many starving people of different villages in India.

এই বিএসএফ জওয়ানের কীর্তি শুনলে বাধ্য হবেন গর্ব করতে

BSF jawan Govind Todi Inspector-In-Charge of Alambazar Seva Shibir bomb disposal squad, since last three years he is in West Bengal. He successfully led many anti-maoist operations at Odisha-Andhra border. At that time he gave attention to the poor people of those areas.

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Now BSF officer Govindv Todi has taken all responsibilities of 276 families among which -151 families are from West Bengal, 85 from Odisha and 40 families are from his own birth place in Rajasthan.

Todi said “In 2013 I was posted in Malkhan Giri district in Odisha-Andhra border for anti-maoist-operations, I saw their, the poor villagers were eating boiled ants because, talking with them I came to know that rice is not available there, It is provide in rationing office but they don’t have money to afford that. After that I took the responsibilities of few poor families of this area.”Later the increased.

In 2014 Govind Todi posted in West Bengal. At first he was posted in Murshidabad, he has also given his helping hand to few families there. He started helping more families after he was posted in Alambazar. According to him “Once he saw a man who trying to get food from a garbage at Dunlop. I took him along andbought some food for him. Then I came to know that the man was hungry since two days and there are many others like him in this area.” Since then Todi decided to stand beside these families.

BSF jawan Govind Todihave three conditions to help. He helps only three types of families. Old couple who don’t have any children, Widow’s family with small kids and the families of physically challenge people.

Govind Todi not only helps human being but also animals, who has adopted many cattles. Some crippled cow has been cured by him. He has also cured five cows by providing them artificial legs.

After supporting his own family he also supports many families across the country. On questioning him, he said ‘I got many inspirations from my family, my father was a social worker. My son has inherited similar mentality of helping needy people around us. My wife also supports me for this work.’

On the 1st Sunday of every month he helped many people of Junior Shangh Club of Dakshineswar. He was also helped to make a water tank and a bus stand at Alambazar. He said this bus stand may be most attractive.

Reported By: Soumen Sil

Edited By: Amit Dey