Tala Water Supply Disrupted Due To Crack In Pipeline


Kolkata: The city dwellers is facing disruption in water supply following a snag at the pipeline of Tala. As the repair work is in process so the supply of water has been closed in the city.

Reportedly, KMC has decided to undertake an urgent repair of pipelines for cracks.According to the notice published by the KMC, water supply will not be available from September 22. Normal water supply will resume on September 23 morning.

As per the Kolkata Municipal Corporation(KMC), the pipeline through which water is supplied is divided into four zones from the Tala tank. And among these pipe lines the largest one is the 72-inch pipeline.

The crack in the pipeline has been traced near Chitpur rail yard. There is constant water gushing out in this area. From Friday onward, the repair work has been started by the KMC.

Due to this water supply in the north, central and south Kolkata has been disrupted. Water supply from 10 am in the morning has been stopped. As a result local residents will suffer due to scarcity of water in the city.

According to the municipalities, water supply in Kolkata ward number 66-74, 83-88, 90 and 91 has been closed. Is is said that by Sunday the situation will be normal again.